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How To Get Your People To Change

As the business environment changes, companies need to evolve or outright transform to stay competitive. But as any CEO who has implemented a transformation programme can tell you, change is easier said than done.

As human beings, we tend to like what’s familiar and comfortable. However, this doesn’t mean we resist change. Not at all. When was the last time you changed your car? Or mobile phone? Or your hairstyle? No problem right? That’s because you wanted the change. It wasn’t imposed upon you.

When it comes to changing your company’s culture or strategy, as CEO, you know why you need to change. The business demands it.

But when you try to implement it, there is resistance, and not a little stress. This happens when the rest of the company don’t see the need for change.

They are not privy to the kind of info that the CEO knows. So from their limited perspective, change is just an additional burden that is being added to their already heavy workload.

So how can you get that elusive but oh-so-important ‘employee buy-in’?

You need to win over both head and heart. Paint the big picture for your people. Share what you see happening in the environment and how that is changing your customers’ needs. Let them understand that if you are no longer relevant to your customers, you are out of business.

That answers their logical mind. Next, you also need to touch their hearts. Let them feel your urgency and your authentic assurance that the change will bring a brighter future, not only for the company but also for them as individuals. Give them the confidence of knowing that that they can count on you to lead them through the many roadbumps of change, and that you will take care of them all the way.

Once they get you emotionally as well as intellectually, they will follow you. At the end of the day, leadership is about influence. Leading people through change requires that you use your ability to influence people by activating both head and heart. That is when you gain buy-in.

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